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fire-bear whispered:
I just wanted to say that I love this blog (which I just trawled through over two days). And I want to ask... Althair and Fred have the same sort of wee charm thingys. Where'd they get them, etc.?


Althair: A charm? I doubt it. Truth is.. Ivan gave it to us.. Usually I don’t put accessories for my phone but-

Fred: He wore this shit-eatin’ smile an’ I don’t think anyone can say no to that. I know what it is though, notthatIopenedit- it’s a tracker.

Althair: …..That explains a lot of things! Gah! I should have known!— Anyway, what are you doing?

Fred: Flappy Bird. Here, give it a try!

Althair: ……………

*Two Minutes Later.*



Long November (FrUK)




is this the continuation of Long November or…the deleted pages?

because you can see, Francis’ hair is longer and obviously this scene except the last one weren’t in the manga…



嵐間 ゆう/【腐】進撃ログ まとめ16

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Jesus dad! Wake up and smell the plague!


There’s nothing gay about nuzzling your best friend’s hair. I missed drawing my dumb boys.